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Lansdale, PA Work Injury & Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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    Lansdale is home to many businesses, including restaurants, factories, retail, and pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, when someone gets injured at work, they are not always treated fairly by the employer or their insurance company. Most workers are sent to panel doctors in the first 90 days – doctors who essentially work for the employers and tend to minimize a worker’s injuries. Getting legal guidance to protect your case from these doctors and insurers is very important.

    Lansdale Workers’ Comp lawyer Michael W. Cardamone of Cardamone Law is highly experienced with all types of injured workers. He is a Certified Specialist in the Practice of Workers’ Compensation Law, as authorized by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. He recovers millions in wage loss and medical benefits and understands the complexities of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation law. Other Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Lawyers routinely consult Michael for advice about their own cases. Additionally, Attorney Cardamone is a regular guest speaker on the Ask the Experts radio show on Philadelphia’s Talk 860 WWDB-AM. His experience and results have earned him numerous awards, including Best Attorneys of America, Top 100 in Pennsylvania, Top 40 Under 40, Lawdragon, Superb Rating by Avvo, and PA Work Comp Super Lawyer.

    For a free evaluation of your potential case, call our Workers’ Compensation lawyers today at Cardamone Law by dialing (267) 651-7945.

    How Workers’ Comp Protects Employees in Lansdale, PA

    We have been in the trenches for several years and know what workers’ compensation is all about: protection. At their core, Workers’ Compensation laws are systems of protection.

    These laws protect both employers and employees. To the employer, they give a cover against any lawsuits for workplace injury or death. To the employees, these systems provide monetary compensation for lost wages, medical costs, disability benefits, and more. In cases of occupational fatalities, the worker’s dependents are also protected by death benefits.

    However, these protective systems do not always work – at least not in the favor of injured workers and their families. Employers, their attorneys, and the insurance companies that represent them often try to downplay injuries or illnesses. For fear of consequences, such as being fired from the job, many injured employees choose not to file any Workers’ Comp claims in the first place. Our lawyers can help you handle these fears and protect you from denials and retaliation from your employer.

    Specialists in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law in Lansdale, PA

    Workers’ Comp is all we do. Unlike many legal firms that offer myriad services, we are focused and dedicated to Workers’ Comp exclusively. This has helped us achieve a level of certification that not many law firms can claim. We know the Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Act inside and out, and we know the Workers’ Comp court system and how it works. We do not shy away from using our knowledge and experience in a fight for our clients’ needs.

    What many attorneys at law firms do is hand over their cases to interns and junior assistants. Several of them never even see the file until the court date arrives. At Cardamone Law, our attorneys see every case from beginning to end. We are aware of every detail and know our cases intimately so that when it comes to fighting for your rights and interests, we are always prepared, often at a higher level than opposing counsel and many of our competitors in the field.

    Filing for Workers’ Compensation in Lansdale, PA

    After an injury, you need to get medical care, document your injuries and recovery process, and talk to a lawyer. While you can file for Workers’ Comp without a lawyer, we discuss many reasons in this article as to how a lawyer can be helpful. At the outset of your case, a lawyer is indispensable in helping to ensure your case is properly filed and your employer is properly notified.

    Employers are the ones who file Workers’ Comp claims since the insurance carriers work for them. Your employer is supposed to take the information you provide them about your injury and file it with their insurance carrier to get you the benefits you deserve. However, if there are any denials returned or problems with the benefits they approve (e.g., if they provide medical benefits but not ongoing disability payments), then our lawyers can get your case ready to file appeals with the court or the Workers’ Comp Board.

    You also have to notify your employer of your injury. For one, they cannot file your claim without knowing about your injury. Second, this is part of the formal process of filing a claim, and a claim can be denied if the injured worker does not report it within 120 days of the accident.

    The result of your filing might not be what you need, and it is important to have a lawyer review the benefits your employer approved to determine whether they cover your needs appropriately. If they do not, as mentioned, we can file appeals and even negotiate to get the benefits adjusted.

    Negotiating with Workers’ Comp Insurance Carriers and Employers in Lansdale Work Injury Claims

    The most important thing to understand here is that Workers’ Compensation laws are designed to keep everyone away from suing each other. Therefore, when it comes to occupational injury, illness, or death, almost no one is looking to go to trial, and negotiations are the primary battleground for your case.

    Trials can be lengthy and messy, and the verdicts are always uncertain. Neither employers nor employees want that kind of stress. Hence, things usually come down to who is better at the negotiation table.

    Over the years, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers have successfully negotiated for millions of dollars in lump sums and other settlements for our clients. As a Certified Specialist of Workers’ Compensation law, Michael Cardamone brings to the table over 25 years of courtroom experience, an excellent standing in the legal and local community, and the confidence of a multiple-award-winning attorney.

    Work Injuries Our Lawyers Can Help You with in Lansdale, PA

    Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers help victims suffering from all kinds of injuries and accidents at work. The following are some of the more common serious injuries we help our clients with:

    Back Injuries

    Back injuries are incredibly common and are actually one of the most likely injuries to cause lost time at work. Something like a slipped disc could leave you out of work for a few weeks or months, depending on its severity and whether you need surgery; however, a more serious back injury could result in permanent paralysis.

    An injury to your back or spine occurs most commonly while lifting or carrying something. Often, lifting injuries happen with workers who might not lift every day as part of their job and are asked to lift something heavy as a one-off task. Alternatively, they happen to people who are not given enough help lifting and are left to do the work on their own without a lifting buddy.

    These injuries are also quite common in falls, whether they be slip and falls or falls from heights – more on both of those injuries below.

    Falls from Heights

    If you fall off a ladder, catwalk, scaffolding, or other high place at work, you could be seriously injured. These accidents often cause permanent head and back injuries as well as severe broken bones and even death.

    These injuries can result from unsafe conditions, such as dangerous catwalks or scaffolding, or from mistakes like using too short of a ladder. In any case, fault is not taken into account in Workers’ Compensation claims, and victims should be entitled to compensation for their injuries regardless of what accident caused the fall.

    Slip and Falls

    Dangerous work conditions can include slippery floors, wet surfaces, and even ice and snow that make a slip and fall more likely. Maybe you fell because your employer did not clear the parking lot, or maybe you fell because of a spill or leak. In any case, injuries from a slip and fall can be surprisingly severe.

    Back injuries, head injuries, and broken bones can lead to long-term injuries and disabilities, especially if you already had a preexisting injury, had a disability, or are an older worker.


    Electrocution is one of the injuries that OSHA tracks as one of the most common serious injuries at work. Electrocution is not just a problem for electricians; many technicians, engineers, and IT professionals could also face electrocution in the workplace. Even everyday office workers could face a problem with a sparking plug, or custodians could face a leak near a power outlet, resulting in potentially catastrophic electrocution injuries.

    While “electrocution” traditionally implies death (i.e., execution from electrification), other nonfatal electrification injuries can include burns, nerve damage, and other injuries.

    Chemical Exposure

    Various types of poisoning injuries, cancer, and lung injuries can occur from prolonged exposure to chemicals in the workplace. Whether you breathe them in or get them on your skin might change the resulting injury, as would the specific chemical you are exposed to. Even so, the Workers’ Compensation Act allows for various illnesses and injuries to be grounds for a claim after chemical exposure.

    In many cases, chemical burns and other physical injuries are more obvious work injuries that you or a loved one can get Workers’ Comp coverage for.

    Machine and Tool Injuries

    Crush injuries, severe cuts, and even traumatic amputations are common for many machinists, construction workers, and other workers who deal with power tools and heavy machinery as part of their jobs. While many of these machines and tools are equipped with emergency shutoffs and other safety features to prevent them from harming people, these functions could be broken or missing in some serious injury cases. Even in cases where an emergency shutoff was used, it might have saved the worker from death or more serious injury but still left them with exceedingly severe injuries that will lead to amputation or substantial scarring.

    Degloving Injuries

    Degloving injuries, where the skin and muscle on the finger are pulled away from the bone, can lead to permanent nerve damage and other injuries or even amputation. These injuries are often caused by rings and other items that wrap around the finger being pulled.

    While proper safety advice might mean taking off your ring before work or using a soft silicone ring, Workers’ Compensation should not take fault into account or do any victim blaming. Compensation should be available for degloving injuries, even if you were the one who caused your own injuries through inattention, carelessness, or negligence.

    The Types of Injured Workers that We Help in Lansdale

    Our attorneys help all kinds of injured workers:

    • Union Workers
    • Construction Workers
    • Nurses
    • CNAs
    • State Workers, Including Prison Guards, Police Officers, Mental Health Workers, etc
    • Truck Drivers
    • Landscapers
    • Laborers
    • Oil Drillers
    • Bus Drivers
    • Assembly Line Workers
    • Office Workers
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Retail Workers

    Aside from these, we also help other injured workers get compensation from their employer’s insurance.

    Employers We Have Filed Workers’ Compensation Claims Against in and Around Lansdale, PA

    Our attorneys have brought cases for injured workers against the following employers:

    • SEPTA
    • Lowe’s
    • Wal-Mart
    • Home Depot
    • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    • Phoenixville Hospital
    • Chestnut Hill Hospital
    • Lancaster General Hospital
    • Conestoga Woods
    • The Borough of Upper Darby
    • Howard Drilling
    • Watsontown Trucking Company
    • Gary Barbera’s Chevyland

    Our Lansdale Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help

    If you or someone you know has become sick or injured at work and requires legal help, contact Cardamone Law.

    Cardamone Law recently moved its headquarters to Lansdale, taking over a great location in downtown Lansdale overlooking the railroad tracks at 100 West Main Street, Suite 120, Lansdale, PA 19446. The move gives our firm room to grow, the new office has more space, and this location is overall a better fit, being located near factories and the blue-collar workers we represent. Owner Michael Cardamone said of the move, “I grew up in this area, and we love our new office – it’s a better fit for our down-to-earth approach with our clients.”

    If you need a Lansdale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, call Cardamone Law at (267) 651-7945 today for a free case assessment.

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    Cardamone Law Has Negotiated Some of the Largest Workers’ Comp Settlements in Pennsylvania

    $6 Million
    We Assisted Another Firm in Reaching Settlement
    $2.2 Million
    Spinal Injury
    Lower Back Injury
    Lower Back Injury
    Neck Injury
    Leg Injury
    Knee Injury
    Ankle Injury
    $6 Million
    We Assisted Another Firm in Reaching Settlement
    $2.2 Million
    Spinal Injury
    Lower Back Injury
    Lower Back Injury
    Neck Injury
    Leg Injury
    Knee Injury
    Ankle Injury

    Client Testimonials

    "Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mike and Shirley!!"

    I called Shirley when I was scared and didn’t know what where my next dime was coming from after I was out with my work injury. Shirley was very kind and helpful guiding me every single step of the way. Mike was not your typical lawyer was not pushy but very responsive to all my gazillion questions. He helped me get my settlement quickly and settlement check in a very timely manner. Would recommend them to anyone! Mike helped calm all my fears and anxieties as I was trying to navigate one of the hardest and most stressful times in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mike and Shirley!!

    - Jen Thompson
    Google Reviews
    "Tienes un equipo impresionante a pesar de ser una compañía pequeña, los resultados fueron excelentes!"

    Yo le daría 10 estrellas en vez de 5 , Michael Cardamone es una persona genuina y un gran abogado, al principio de mi caso, yo estaba en la oscuridad y no sabia que pasos tendría que seguir porque Workers comp ,solo me cubría en esos momentos los beneficios medicos .Después, me eliminaron el puesto , no sabia como manejar mi situación (estaba con una cirugía y también sin trabajo,) grasias a Mike, el me dirigió por el camino correcto, me dieron una muy buena cantidad por mi caso. El fue muy comprensivo porque le hice muchas preguntas por email y siempre me las contesto a tiempo, brindando seguridad ,sabia que estaba en las manos correctas! Shirley y Francisco también fueron de gran ayuda con los recordatorios y servicios de traducción en Español. tienes un equipo impresionante a pesar de ser una compañía pequeña, los resultados fueron excelentes! se los recomiendo a todos. Muchas grasias Cardamone law!

    - Marisol Rodriguez
    Google Reviews
    "Best Law Firm around!"

    "Cardomone law is absolutely fantastic! They are very responsive and helpful and they will fight to get you what you deserve. Shirley is also very helpful whenever you have any questions! Best Law Firm around!"

    - C. Edwards
    Google Reviews
    "Michael and Shirley are very dedicated...and getting the maximum amount favorable to my case"

    "Cardamone Law Firm were very helpful to me since day one. Michael and Shirley are very dedicated to my case giving me updates, answering my questions, being honest with my case, and getting the maximum amount favorable to my case. Thank you so much for your service and dedication and helping me to achieve not only your case but to guide and refer me in other needs too! You guys are the best law firm friendly and dedicated. I will recommend to anyone."

    - A. Ortiz
    Google Reviews
    "Michael won my workers comp case after my employer insurance denied my claim."

    "Exceptional firm. Highly recommend this law firm. Michael won my Workers Comp case after my employer insurance denied my claim. Him and his staff were always at my reach for legal and emotional support. Am so happy I hire them. Thanks Michael and Ms. Shirley."

    - Carlos P.
    Google Reviews
    "[They] did an excellent job in getting me financially compensated in a fairly short amount of time."

    "I recently had a work related injury and was receiving Workers' Compensation (medical benefits only). Soon after I was fired, so I contacted Paul Silver at Cardamone Law Firm who did an excellent job in getting me financially compensated in a fairly short amount of time. Paul and his assistant Shirley always responded to any questions I had about the case in a very short amount of time. Thank you for helping me with this difficult case."

    - Robin C.
    Google Reviews
    "Highly recommend."

    "Cardamone Law was great with helping my husband with his Workers Comp issues. Mike and Shirley were the best with letting us know what was going on every step of the way. Highly recommend."

    - Danielle P.
    Google Reviews
    "Mike Cardamone is amazing"

    "Mike Cardamone is amazing. He is "hands down" one of the best lawyers I've ever had the privilege of knowing. He is very kind, understanding, knowledgeable in his field, always very thorough and helpful. He was extremely professional and someone who truly cares about his clients. I felt completely at ease with him. He was a pleasure to work with, explained everything in detail, as well as answered all my questions with knowledge and care. If you want someone you can trust, who communicates every step of the way, will fight for you and make sure you win your case, he is it! I will refer all my family and friends to him. Thank you so much Mike, for everything. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication in helping me."

    - Allie M.
    Google Reviews
    Without a doubt YOU are the best!!!

    "Without a doubt YOU are the best!!! Every person who is in the horrible position of being injured at work should have someone as kind, compassionate and knowledgeable as you on their side. You never once made me feel like I was one of a hundred other clients. I always knew you had my back! You answered calls and emails at all hours. You fought every fight for me so I only had to worry about getting well. Behind your nice, calm face there’s a pit bull ready to take on any employer or judge. I can never thank you enough."

    - L. Edall
    Google Reviews
    "Best Workers' Comp Lawyer!"

    "Michael is simply the best! He was there for me from day 1 till the end, and we won the case!! He is always available to help. I had a gazillion questions and he would answer them one by one. He's a great lawyer and I feel lucky to have found him online from reading other outstanding reviews about him. Believe me, they're true!"

    - Faith B.
    Google Reviews
    "Great Attorney"

    "Great attorney, handled case quickly and efficiently. I would recommend him and would use him again. He was always available to answer any questions we had. Thank you, Mr. Cardamone."

    - H. Anderson
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